About Aquos

Aquos Hygiene Solutions Inc.

Devoted to creating happy and healthy lives, our mission is to ensure that your family, business or home are safe and clean, free from harmful pathogens.


Aquos Hygiene Solutions is a Nevada corporation working in connection with Natural Scientific Solutions and Lenova Solutions.  We are devoted to bringing cleanliness to you and your environment no matter your line of work. Whether you are a hospital or medical facility, a restaurant owner or chef,  business owner or homeowner, an Ozone water faucet can be of real practical use.

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer that is used all over the world to sanitize city drinking water without chlorine. In the US, the FDA proclaimed that Ozone is a sanitizing oxidizer, both in aqueous and gaseous form that was generally regarded as safe for use on food and it supported its use in industrial food applications like in wineries, fisheries, poultry plants etc.

It is well known that O3 ozonated water kills just about all microbes within 30 seconds to 2 minutes of contact time, including Bacteria, Viruses, Molds and Spores. Then O3 decomposes in water after about 20 minutes, into plain water (H2O) and Oxygen.  In fact, currently, Ozone gas in higher concentrations is used as a disinfectant in sealed surgical equipment.  Aquos’ sink produces low flow aqueous ozone, in low concentration, for use in a sanitizing capacity.

Additionally, the use of common Sanitizing Chemicals pose risks for the users and that ‘Super-bugs’ are developing resistance to traditional disinfecting chemicals. In 2016, the FDA banned about 17 anti-microbial products used for sanitation as ineffective and some as environmentally dangerous, creating a deficit of available agents that a facility can use.

Dr. Alvaro Liceaga M.D.

Since 1983, Dr. Liceaga has lived and learned the art of medicine. He has gained experience in what it takes to provide the patient with the best possible medical care.


His accomplishments include graduating from the prestigious Rush Medical College in Chicago, the completion of a Residency in Anesthesiology and a Fellowship Pain Management care.

As medical director of a surgical center and of a busy medical practice, Dr. Liceaga wanted a safe alternative to toxic chemicals. He wanted a method of delivering a strong sanitizing agent that is affordable, effective, safe and environmentally friendly. As such, he became further interested in aqueous ozone as a disinfectant or sanitizer.

Dr. Liceaga decided to perform clinical testing for a variety of ozone water uses. In 2017, at Alliance Surgical Center in California, we published a Handwash Study in Becker’s Healthcare Publication! Please review:  http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/quality/hand-hygiene-skin-atp-study-hand-washing-with-tap-water-and-soap-vs-ozonated-water-and-soap-vs-antiseptic-and-ozonated-water-vs-antiseptic-and-tap-water.html

The results were promising with aqueous ozone reducing bioload by over 97% and being found directly comparable to washing of the hands with Hibiclens scrub solution. We found that washing with tap water re-colonized the hands.  This needed to be addressed.

In his search, Doctor Liceaga found that a commercial Ozone Faucet that is distributed by Sanitas in the USA, offered much of what he needed to augment his facilities need for medical /surgical suite sanitation.