Ozone Faucet System and Generator

 Introducing The Only Scientifically Proven, Environmentally Friendly, Easily Installed Ozone Faucet System and Generator Available In North America.

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Ozone Water Faucet System Eliminates Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Spores On Contact!

Ozone Faucet Features

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Aquos Slogan

Feel Clean. Be Clean. Live Clean. 

Decrease the Risk of Infection with Ozone Water!

The Ozone Faucet System and Generator

Benefits Of The Ozone Faucet System

Safe, Non-Toxic, Green Technology
Natural Way To Sanatize
Eliminates Odor
Kills Bacteria In Seconds

Ozone News


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Aquos Hygiene Medical Director at Beckers ASC Review Conference

Aquos Hygiene’s Medical director Alvaro Liceaga M.D. attended this years Beckars ASC June conference in Chicago.  The topics included: improvements in surgery for the specialties of orthopedics, spine, surgery and interventional pain management. Dr. Liceaga participated as a speaker on a panel discussing the challenges in physicians and surgical centers remaining independent in the current …